A downloadable game for Windows

A First-Person Horror Game made by the team DarkWood Studios. The game is inspired by  the video game Slender. In this game, you have to collect 6 pieces of relics and then place them in the desired location. While searching for relics, there will be monsters around the map. Have fun


An Archaeologist named Jonathan receives news about his close friend who went missing in Japan. Just after hearing the news, Jonathan also received a letter and a document specifically delivered for him from his close friend. The document he received talked about Japanese relics that are keys to finding a great and forbidden treasure. The letter he received was an invitation from his close friend to help him in his research and his expedition of finding the relics and in the letter, there was an address of where to meet in Japan. Feeling that this is a clue to finding his friend, Jonathan decided to travel to Japan and as he arrived at the address, Jonathan stumbles upon an ancient temple and finds a relic that cursed and forced him to find other six relics in the forest while being hunted by monsters.

Want to play on MAC? The link is shown below (I reached the upload limit so yeah xD)



NecroPhobia (Windows) 448 MB


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Gave it a go...


Better luck next time :P



Congrats on finishing it :D


SCARIER THAN MY EXS. (And I got some crazy exs!)


ok! the thumbnail is an EPIC diss at Logan Paul, also that scream when your first died gave me life haha i laughed so hard! 

You have absolutely just made my day...! This is such an old video by now, but still one of my favorite short gaming let's plays. 


yeah sorry i commented on such an old video (dont wanna seem like a weirdo) but i just got itch.io and found this game, also saw your video on it and absolutely cried from laughing! Your reactions were so funny! :) 

Wish i had the confidence to become a youtuber and do lets plays tbh :( 

Trust me...I planned on doing YouTube for soooooo many years before I actually started it. There is this weird fear that we all have about making videos and putting them out for EVERYBODY to see. The best advice I could ever give you is just to try it out, have fun, and remember me if you get famous! :D

As long as you are having fun and meeting cool people (Like yourself) then there is nothing to worry about!

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Haha good advice! and i mean i got pretty noticed overnight on reddit so who knows? maybe i'll earn some fame on youtube xD 

Nahh dw i wont forget about you if i get youtube famous, i doubt i'll even make a channel tbh


OMG just saw the ending of your comment >0< thank you so much haha im really not that cool